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Celebration of Fr. Youssef's 25 Years of Priestly Ordination


Abu Dhabi - [July 2, 2013] It was a day of immense joy for all the parishioners of St. Joseph's Cathedral, Abu Dhabi on 2nd July, 2013 as the Assistant Priest Rev. Fr. Youssef celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Sacerdotal Ordination.  Fr. Youssef, serving the Arabic speaking community of St. Joseph's Cathedral was felicitated by the parishioners of all nations and languages.  The Church was packed to the fullest capacity.


H.E. Bishop Paul Hinder was the main celebrant of the Eucharistic commemoration held at 7pm.  Also present were all the priests of the Parish and from Bishop's house along with few guest Priests who drew down to Abu Dhabi to attend this commemoration.  The celebration began with the Bishop, Fr. Youssef and other priests entering the Church through the main door in procession.  Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Savarimuthu while welcoming the distinguished guests, priests and parishioners, explained the reason for the celebration, as Fr. Youssef was completing his 25 years of service as a Priest.  Bishop Paul offered him a flower bouquet while giving a fraternal embrace.  The congregation sang 'Congratulations' and 'Showers of Blessing'.


In his homily, Bishop said ‘the reading of the day on Lot, [Genesis 19:15-29] was befitting the background of Fr. Youssef.’  He lived from 1975 to 1990 in the war torn Lebanon which was devastated by the internal conflict.  His whole village was destroyed and Fr. Youssef lost his father and brother in this battle.  It was at this time that he joined the Capuchin Order and did his Theological studies in Italy.  Bishop said, "Like Lot, God preserved Fr. Youssef from all catastrophic situations to work for His glory." Speaking on the Gospel, Bishop said "Life of priests and lay Christians is not without problems or storms.  And it is the duty of the priest to wake up Jesus and seek His help."


Although Fr. Youssef did not speak on this occasion, the joy and satisfaction was evident on his face as if to repeat like St. Paul, "I have run my race to the end"!  Fr. Youssef hails from Lebanon and was born in 1957.  He has served as a priest in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE.  He is a popular figure not only among the Arabic Community, but among people of all races and languages in St. Joseph's Cathedral.


 We wish Fr. Youssef many more years of good health and blessings to bring the Good News to many more faithful.


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